Setu started skilling by setting up a skill centre at Village Nithari, Noida to cater to illiterate women and empower them with tailoring skills so as to make them employable/self-employable and create livelihood for themselves. Setu endeavours to skill 160 women per annum at this centre. In addition 160 literate women shall also be skilled in Basic Computer Skills.

Under the same project, at our multi-skill centre Sadarpur Colony, Sector-45, Noida 960 women shall undergo training to acquire skills in Basic Computer skills, Tailoring, Healthcare, Beauty and Wellness along with Hospitality.

Under this project, at our new multi-skill centre at Davas, Jaipur Rajasthan 240 women shall undergo training to acquire skills in Basic Computer, Tailoring and Textile.

This project has been setup as CSR initiative of Fidelity International and Metlife.