We also acknowledge In-kind Contributions (Non-monetary items) by individuals and Corporate Houses.

Our current wish list include

  • Donations of land, buildings
  • Music instruments/games
  • Computers and Softwares
  • Office equipment and furniture items
  • Library books
  • School bags
  • Books & other stationary
  • Dry rations and food items
  • Blankets
  • Other reading & writing material/tools
  • Organizing educational trips/picnics

Contributions-in-kind may be received and held by SETU and used for purposes consistent with its objectives, or may be disposed of at any time after the donation, provided no such agreement to the contrary is made between the donor and SETU.

As a policy SETU endeavours to provide the best to its children accordingly, please do not donate used material as far as possible, SETU does not accept gifts when a condition of such acceptance would compromise its fundamental principles, mission and values.

In-kind contributions such as food material, clothes, medicines etc do not qualify for deduction under section 80G.