How we can help your CSR Initiative:

The best corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes combine financial support with innovative approaches for sharing business assets and knowledge. 

Plan and Design: We support corporates by enabling them to plan, design and deliver their CSR initiatives strategically and follow best-practices and work-ethics delivery approach to ensure that donor funds are utilized effectively and influence the stakeholder's lives. From planning and reviewing your corporate social responsibility strategy, to implementing it, we assist in delivering your objectives.

Strategy: Setu recognizes that the combined impact of giving, engagement and partnerships can be maximized by developing strategic approaches with ambitious and achievable objectives.We help drive your CSR performance by building a long term sustainable strategy and provide an innovative solution-driven response to CSR initiatives. 

Strict adherence to framework: that includes due diligence and follow up, monitoring and evaluation exercises of programs and projects taken up by corporations and institutions.