Core Values and Work Ethics:

  • Beneficiary Focus
  • Respect and Care for all
  • Meet Commitments to all
  • Display Integrity in our dealings
  • Look at Continuous Improvement and Skill Development


Code of Conduct:

  • Our Board ensures our organization’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the land including applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations and obtain all statutory approvals required to carry out its activities;
  • Our Board have established principles, policies, protocols, establish code of ethics and/or code of conduct which inter alia prohibits bribery/corruption and ensures our organization’s and its officials compliance with its own rules, regulations and byelaws
  • We and our staff/employees neither give and nor agree to give, promise or offer to give, any unlawful/unethical loan, gift, donation, payment, or other thing of value directly or indirectly, whether in cash or in kind to or for the unlawful/unethical benefit of any person;
  • We and our trustees/officials/directors/employees and staff are not an government official, employee, or an agency which is controlled by any Government in any manner;
  • Our organisation has not been blacklisted by any Central / State Government departments or by any donor/funding/grant making organisations.
  • Our organisation does not have any litigation-civil or criminal pending against it.
  • Our organisation is not blacklisted or subjected to any adverse action by any government department or by any government agency.
  • Our organisation has not been blacklisted by any donor/ funding/ grant making organisation.
  • Our organisation does not employ or deal with any entities or individuals known by our organisation to support terrorism.
  • Our organisation does not employ children for work.
  • Our organisation does not fund any political or religious organisation.
  • Our Organisation has proper policies against harassment of women and children in place.