Setu, with it’s expertise and experience of working with corporates is ideally positioned to develop strategies that will make a difference to your business and to the communities you wish to help. We offer a range of advisory services to help you develop, implement and evaluate your corporate responsibility program and ensure it continues to deliver against the objectives you set.

Whether you’re looking for advice on designing an effective CSR strategy, support on developing sustainable partnerships with organizations or guidance on maximizing your impact, we provide high-end technical advisory support to Corporates.

How we do it

  • We develop a framework that will enable corporates to run the program effectively across multiple locations.
  • We work through an iterative and staged process and ensure that we draw key internal and external stakeholders, review and build on our learnings.
  • We take into account, both, business and social factors to ensure that your strategy is fit for purpose and has the in-built flexibility to develop with your business and the changing social context.
  • We define your key performance indicators and show how they can be achieved throughout your business, your employees and your giving.

With our expertise, we conceptualize, design and strategize, for efficient and effective management and implementation of programs.

We ensure that program design reflects local developmental needs and creates sustainable shared value for communities, turning your CSR strategy into reality. We support our clients through regular reviews and develop their programs in a dynamic environment. We have an established set of measurements and models to achieve this.

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